I need help to Write a PASCAL program that reads in ten values and then sort them using the bubble sort method

What do you have so far?

dont have anything yet. Thanks

Nobody here is going to write code for you. But if you have a specific question, we'll help you.

I am a new student in computer science and I know no jack yet, I just wanted help from anyone who could. Thanks

Start learning basic syntax, more specific for, readln, writeln and arrays.

For all I know, leave IT and start a candy shop! In the other case, do your homework and ask a question if you get stuck with it. We will be ever so happy to give you any help :o)

Let's start from, what do you know how to do already? Can you write something very simple, such as a program that prints a line of text (say, 'Hello, World!', to give one well-worn example)?

Getting to the assignment at hand, do you know how to write a for loop? Can you declare a simple variable? What about an array variable? Do you know how to write a simple procedure, and how to pass an argument to it?

yes, I can write a simple program


Then start writing, and if you get stuck, show what you have and what your question is.