I need help to Write a PASCAL program that reads in ten values and then sort them using the bubble sort method

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I am a new student in computer science and I know no jack yet, I just wanted help from anyone who could. Thanks


For all I know, leave IT and start a candy shop! In the other case, do your homework and ask a question if you get stuck with it. We will be ever so happy to give you any help :o)

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Let's start from, what do you know how to do already? Can you write something very simple, such as a program that prints a line of text (say, 'Hello, World!', to give one well-worn example)?

Getting to the assignment at hand, do you know how to write a for loop? Can you declare a simple variable? What about an array variable? Do you know how to write a simple procedure, and how to pass an argument to it?

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