I'm trying to locate some java that will allow a preview images, and float large display on roll over.
The setup will be a list of customers and a small thumbnail.
On rollover a large image centre screen on top with a text description below.
Mouse out will clear the large image.
I'm sure there's something on here, just not sure what it will be called to find it.

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You can draw images with java.awt.Graphics.drawImage.

You can draw text several different ways, such as: java.awt.Graphics.drawString, java.awt.font.TextLayout, javax.swing.JLabel, javax.swing.JTextArea, and javax.swing.JTextPane. Each one works differently so you should investigate them all to find the one you prefer.

You can use a java.awt.event.MouseListener or java.awt.event.MouseAdapter to react to rollovers.

That seems to be all you need.


I'm not sure that was quite what I was getting at. I've no Java capability and not found any mouse over presentations on forums that do just what I want. I've seen what I want on one or two business websites in the past but can't immediately locate one.
The list of clients which will grow and could get (off the page) long, but I need to keep it compact and tidy and the image always central (float down I suppose as the page is scrolled) to the display even when the viewer may have scrolled right down the list and off the initial starting view point.
I could simply have a new page for each client but then the viewer would be hitting the back button repetitively. All very clunky and tiresome.
All I need is the mouse over to put up one or several centre screen images per client then disappear on mouse out so they can move seamlessly from one view to another.
Code for this or pointing me somewhere I can see and download it would be appreciated.
My thanks

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