I tried to run the code using the java emulator but it only provides one phone emulator at a time I couldn't see if it does pass the word, what I did is that I downloaded the sun wireless toolkit which can run multiple number of mobile emulator. I tried my code there and it did work but when I deployed the code to my mobiles it doesn't pass a word anymore.

How come???

what code are you talking about? what java emulator? what phone emulator? what did you try? do you get an error message?

I'm sorry...

-I was talking about the J2ME code that Java provides as a sample, I modified it to pass a word instead of images.
-The java emulator I was talking about was the emulator provide by java when running the J2ME midlet....
-The phone emulator was the emulator I was talking about appearing when running the midlet.
-What I tried was the code I modified.
-No, no errors at all.