Hi! So i'm trying to code a program that works like an ATM machine. You 'insert a card' and then enter your pin. once the program has verified your pin, you may continue on to the next steps which include making a deposit, withdraw, printing a monthly statement and checking your balance. I'm trying to use the scanner class in my main method to prompt the user to enter the value for their pin. I can get the scanner to say that, and allow me to enter a pin, but then it just stops and doesnt verify that pin and allow me to move on. I'm obviously missing something with the scanner class and was hoping someone might be able to explain how I get my scanner from my main method to use the rest of my program to relate the entered values to what the program is supposed to do. the code I have is attached to this post. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need to understand why it isn't working to fix the issue. Thanks!

can you post your code here? it's a lot easier to do that, than for all of us to download that zip and go through it ourselves.

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