I'm writing a program that will keep track of every Anime/Manga I watch/read(I'm an avid fan). I'm trying to make a database in order to keep track of all of the titles of the Anime/Manga. My problem is that when i try to add a new title to the existing list, it overwrites the entries that are already there. Here is the code for my add function.

int Add(void)

    cout << "What is the title of the Anime/Manga that you wish to add?" << endl;
    cout << "::>";
    cin >> Title;

    outfile << Title << endl;


As I said it overwrites what was already in the file. Here is the function that reads the content of the file in case that might help.

int List(void)
    int count = 0;


    //Check for errors
        cerr << "Could not open Database file.";

        infile >> Title;
        cout << Title << endl;

    //Display number of entries
    cout << count << " entries found." << endl;


I have infile and outfile declared globally if that matters. Title is also global.

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Open the file in the mode that appends new data on the end instead of overwriting the existing data.

outfile.open("database.txt", ios::app);

Thank you. Wow do I feel like an idiot, I can't believe it was that easy.

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