I'm planning to join in a new company as a Java Developer. I have few months of experience only. However, I'm planning to tell the company that I have 1 year of experience. Because in the company they don't consider people who have less than a year of experience. I was working in PHP for 1.5 years and in java for a couple of months only. I would like to know what are the stuffs that a Java developer should know after a year of experience in a start-up company. I've worked only with Core Java, Servlets, JSP and JDBC. Are they enough or should I know about EJB, Frameworks like Struts/Spring etc, JSTL, TagLib etc?

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when you're talking about one year experience, you won't be expected to know all the groundbreaking stuff. being in the loop on Spring/Hibernate/... does give you an advantage, though.
it also depends on the frameworks the company uses and their what they expect, of which I can't say anything.