Hi everybody,

I am kind of new to vb.net and have some problems with images.

I want apply an algorithm into 7500 images
I need auto way if there any suggestion.

after apply the algorith, each image should be saved back into same folder or any place else automatically.

Note: the whole process shold be automatically like following

            (Read Image --> apply my algorithm --> save the image)

I am stuck at this stage, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much

May I ask what database are you using? How did you save your image? did u included the file path?

I didn't use a database. I read the image from folder directly and save it back using openFileDialgo and SaveFileDialog.

tq in advance dear lethugs

I have'nt tried this yet, from my understanding, since your not using database you can maybe use array to hold the name of your image and an array to hold its correspnding path, then use this when saving back the image. I try this out also :)

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