I'm trying to do my Computing coursework, and every time I try to write an UPDATE statement in SQL, it tells me there is a syntax error in the statement. The connection is set up, I know, as other SQL statements like select statements work, but I can't work out what is wrong. Here's the code:

newpass = newpassword1.Text
passwordchange = "UPDATE Student SET Password = '" & newpass & "' WHERE Username = '" & username & "';"

All of table and field names are correct and in the right format etc. and newpass and username both read in string values.

Any ideas? :/

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Have you tried running in debug and doing watches on newpass and passwordchange?

Maybe newpassword1.text is empty?

Also how are you running the passwordchange query through a sql command? could you show us the code where yu execute the query?


Password is a reserved word. Try

passwordchange = "UPDATE Student SET [Password] = '" & newpass & "' WHERE Username = '" & username & "';"
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