I have a digital photo viewer keychain by some company called INNOVAGE. I searched about it online but I can't find its webpage anywhere. The CD which came with it is empty and the device does nothing other than showing "updating" while connected to the PC. It doesn't even start up without the connection. It completely seems like a money looting scam to me. <I don't want to say anything against the company, but I'm just saying what I felt when I found out.>

I wanted to know if I could write my own software for it using c++ or assembly language and then load it into it. It has a 2.9 inch color VGA screen and 2 buttons (up and down). It has a 2 MB space (although the company claims it to have an 8 MB space, on the box; I found it when I tried it to format in Win XP SP2 - even the format failed). I don't want to waste such a tweekable device.

So, if anyone can help me find a solution for it I'll be humble to learn. By the way the one which I have resembles more or less like http://www.amazon.com/Innovage-1611266-Digital-Photo-Keychain/dp/B000S03FK4 . You can search it in google "Digital Photo Viewer Album keychain innovage"

Thank you in advance!

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You can download the driver software from here: http://www.mscustomercare.com/

Honestly these keychain things are just a scam. Especially with the miserly 3 hours of battery life.

You probably could write your own software for these devices, but you would need to reverse engineer how they work.

Innovage looks like they buy a load of these generic devices from <wherever> and then slap their name on and inflate the cost.

Hey, thank you so much for the driver link. I was waiting for this #sincealongtime.

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