Hi Freinds

I am programmer in VB.net & wanted to make a software
Well this is a common problem.
Consider there are 2 friends A & B
One day A requires an urgent document which is there in B's laptop
But unfortunately B is out for some work & will return in evening
So B asks A if he could go to his house & take the required document he needed
So A goes at B's House copies that important document & then the main Problem
A will think Since B is not here let me see what else can i get from his laptop
So A takes files without B's Permission & Copies in his pendrive
Later B comes home finds his laptop ok but he doesnt know what files A have took other than document
So Data logger will run in background & monitor all copy paste log
so that later B will come to know that A has taken what files
So how should i start for it
I hope my example & idea is clear
It is best for offices, institutes etc