hi im newbie for using sql in vb.net

and we have a project to create a registration form where the datas will be saved on sql.

for e.g
how the textbox1.text will save, edit, delete, or update its value or text to sql?

also how to get the datas from sql to vb.net forms.

In a nutshell, the most basic way is to use ADO. With ADO you communicate with the database through the connection object and the recordset object

You supply a connection string to the connection object then use the Open method to open the connection. You can use the connection object to directly execute SQL queries that do not have to return a result (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, etc). You need the RecordSet object when you want to do a SELECT (retrieve records from the database).

Slightly more complicated is to use SqlClient (which is a layer on top of ADO). You can still do the above actions but with slightly different objects. For example you use a DataReader to get records and cycle through them.

Next step up is to use databound controls, DataTables, DataAdapters, etc.

You'll have to do some reading and show some effort to achieve any level of proficiency.