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I assume you know how to get the pixel values of the image

  1. change the pixel values to binary
  2. change the data to be saved to a binary
  3. insert binary data into binary images in a sequence

examples of binary images:

01000110 00101010 11100011
10011011 10110011 01100001
00111000 10101101 01000000

examples of data that will be stored

a ==> binary: 01100001

replace the end of the binary image by a binary "a" in sequence

so the result will be like this:

01000110 00101010 11100010
10011011 10110010 01100001
00111001 10101100 01000000


What AoD said - the term for this is "steganography". There is an abundant amount of literature on the subject that can be accessed online. Remember, Google is your friend! :-)


I have objective to store set of information inside given images (Like DICOM).

Steganography has nothing to do with DICOM.

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