I want create a program in which folder(level 0) is containing number of subfolder(Level 1) and each folder(subfolder Level 1) contain file number of file and subFolder (level 2).
now i want to copy folder(level 0) but from subfolder (level1) want sepecfic file and subfolder(level 2) rest want to remove
Is it possible to do that

please give me suggestion

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Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there.
ps: This is not a hard assignment


Its not an assignment or school work
the thing is only ask is it possible or not

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OK, in that case: Yes, it's possible, it's actually quite easy.

If you have Java 7, use the NIO ("new I/O") classes; here's the excellent Oracle tutorial that tells you all you need to know:

If you are stuck on an earlier release for some reason you can still do the same thing using Java's original File class, but you'll have to download the old version of the tutorials from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javasebusiness/downloads/java-archive-downloads-tutorials-419421.html#tutorial-2008_03_14-oth-JPR

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