Hi All,

I created a small executable that runs an SSIS project. It works on my system but when I tried using it on a colleagues system nothing happens. I'm not overly familiar with with part of Java so any suggestions will be most appreciated.

what do you mean "using it"? using it as an executable, running it by clicking it?
anyway, if a .jar file doesn't run on one system, but does on another, the problem is usually that either the non-functioning one either doesn't have a jre installed, or hasn't got it's environment settings set, so the system doesn't know what to do with or how to run the application.

Thanks stultuske, I meant using it as an executable. I'll check the jre to make sure it's installed and get back to you.

Well the jre is now there but there still remains the problem that it won't run. Still working away at this.

are the environment variables correctly set? if the OS isn't "informed" where the jre is located, having it installed alone won't do the job.

Thanks stultuske, I'm going to look right into the environment variables.