create a textual menu of the items in their prices
acivate your menu so that a user can select one item from the menu and display the selected item on the screen.
improve upon your program to allow user to order more than one item and the list of selected item displayed on the screen.
each time a new item is added the system asks the user whether he/she wishes to add more items or not.
when the user doesnt want to order any more items ,the selected item and the total price is displayed

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give me ur email id and i will send it to u within 3 days

Please, please, please don't post this sort of thing. Aside from the use of SMS-speak, and the fact that you are directly offering to help someone cheat, asking for someone's e-mail address is both rude and potentially dangerous (e-mail harvesters are impossible to block, so posting an e-mail address in a public forum poses a risk of spam or identity theft). It is also against DaniWeb's general policy of keeping things public so that everyone may benefit from the answers given.


Another thing to keep in mind. That if you get in the habit of providing code to people that don't show any effort in writing their own code, all they learn is that you will do their homework for them, and you end up spending a lot of time enabling them to skate by and not really learn anything.


Basically, yes, though even that can be carried too far... as I've learned myself from times I've gotten dinged for overdoing it. It is often tempting to simply fix the whole program without explaining it, which is almost as bad as writing it from scratch. It is best to try and explain the problems with the code, and encourage them to fix it themselves, but that can be frustrating for both them and you. It takes a bit of practice and time to find te balance between helping too little and doing too much.

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