Anyone familiar with this programming language? If so, anyone use it on the job? I just started reading this turorial and find it to be interesting.

I have this book Programming F# (Animal Guide) by Chris Smith (20 Oct 2009) and found F# functional programming very interesting indeed! Being retired, I have so many things to do (strange enough) that I did not find the time yet to dig in completely. VS 2010 has all the tools on board to start with F# immediately. If you have the time, I should give it a go AD!

i dont know about f#
i wanna practice on it and for this i have a few questions :-

does it a new language ?
is it available with visual studio 2008 ?(i dont find it in 2008)

In VS 2010 it is definitely there. If I'm right, you must download a plugin or something. Google, and you will surely find something. And yes, it is a new and interesting language. I would at least give it a try.

ok i will download VS 2010 and then i will try to practice on it And would you like to share the link where i can find ebooks regarding this language(like Programming F# (Animal Guide) by Chris Smith)

well one more question:-
what types of application can be made using this language . . .(like console,window,web etc.)

You can do .NET programming, so I guess alot is possible.And for a link, just Google: example

Anyone familiar with this programming language?

I am.

If so, anyone use it on the job?

I do. My current project at work (at a university) is to write a translator from C to an intermediate language, which we use to perform model checking on the program (so basically I'm writing a C front-end). That project's written in F#.