My q is user put any num so program print out nxt ten num

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plz ans me...

i'm not getting ur question. can you further elobrate it

Welcome to the board. The common language used here is English; you are speaking some kind of shorthand that is not very clear. It will help people to answer your questions if you use proper English, if you are able to.

I think you're asking "How can I write a program that asks the user for a number, and then prints out the ten numbers that follow the user's number?"

Is this what you're asking?

If it is, you need to specify your requirements more clearly. What kinds of numbers are acceptable input? Integers? Decimals? Imaginary numbers? Also, what are "the next ten numbers"? Do you mean to simply add one, ten times?

Once you've actually worked out what your question is, please show us how far you have got in your code, or what specifically you cannot do. Do you know how to output something to the screen? Do you know how to get input from the user?

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