I am writing a pure C based win32 applications. I have drawn line. Now i want to translate that line, move the line whereved user wants to move on screen. Then again I drawn another line, I am drawing multiple lines.

I have created rectangle region for each line and trying to move the line.

When I move the 2nd line over the 1st line on screen the 1st line is getting wiped out. Because I am InvalidateRect() of the rect for the line being moved, so when that rectangle is crossing the other line then the other line is getting removed from the screen.

How can I rectify it. How can I have all the lined being on the screen and moved according to the user's wish. The code should be pure C and win32 no MFC. Please help me how can I do it. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks Sujan

Does your program catch the WM_PAINT event? That is where you need to do all the drawing.

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