i am working on a project to find colors. i've stucked in finding purple color.
i've used many application for finding color ranges and i've tested many numbers.
i am using cvInRangeS function.
i really appreciate if someone helps me.

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First, you need to understand how basic colors can be combined to create others. There are a number of standards for this. Do some Google/Wikipedia searches - there is a lot of information on the web to help you understand this domain better.

cvInRangeS uses RGB values, right? There are websites that allow you to know the exact RGB values of a certain color on a color pad. Get your max and min from there and plug into cvColor(R, G, B) as your parameters. To see which parameters it is, type cvInRangeS( and it will tell what parameters are in the function and what their defaults are. At least Visual 2010 will. Where the parameter is something like "minVal" or "maxVal", input your cvColor function with the desired min/max values. Hope this helps!

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