amvx86 15 Newbie Poster

Hey what's up everyone? I have a script here that works when i execute it from command line, and when I double-click it. Now, there is something interesting going on here.

1) When the program is executed by process.start it does not load (even when called from cmd.exe /c ...)
2) When the program is executed with system.diagnostics... it loads but does not supply ANY output.
3) Created a terminal program for vb console; it gets executed and then it executes the file... no output.

When you physically click on the exe files I created and they in turn shell the application and you magically have output. But, when the main program calls the script it can turn blue before output comes out.

I do not want to use ironpython. My question is... how can I get this application to produce output?! I've been at it since 730 AM EST. Leave it to microsoft to scew up something simple!


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