Im completely new to programming, and this is my problem.
For example, if a train travels 40 miles per hour for three hours, the distance trav-eled is 120 miles. Design a program that asks the user for the speed of a vehicle ( in miles per hour) and how many hours it has traveled. It should then use a loop to display the distance the vehicle has traveled for each hour of that time period. Here is an example of the output:

What is the speed of the vehicle in mph? 40 [ Enter]
How many hours has it traveled? 3 [ Enter]

I can get it up until the point where I have to make a loop, and then it completely loses me. If anyone could help me with this flow chart id greatly appreciate it.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Im completely new here.

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Basic for loop

for (int hours = 1; hours <= totalhours; hours++)
    // Compute distance travelled - distance = hours * speed
    int distance = hours * speed;
    // then print the disance using cout
    cout << "After " << dec << hours << " hours at " << speed << " mph, "
         << "the distance travelled is " << distance << " miles." << endl;

You get to figure out the flow chart... :-)

Thanks for the reply. Ill try to decipher that :D

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