Hey all!

I am in college doing a speech on programming and one of my topics is to explain the difference between Java, C, and Objective C. I have been programming with Java for 3 years now and just started with C last month, but I don't know the differences between the three. I want to be able to explain what each is used for and such to people who don't program. I have seen the site where it compares the languages to family members, but that is still a little confusing. If you could explain or point me to a site, that would be great!

Note: I may use your exact words, but I will obviously site it (had some close plagrism calls in recent years)


If you have a good amount of experience with Java, and about a month's worth of experience with C, you should already see the difference between them :) Java is object-oriented while C isn't, for example. IMHO Java is a higher level language while C has better control and direct access to memory management, etc, and is more suited for embedded devices and low level type stuff. Plus, Java is just slow :) Objective C is what the iOS / iPhone natively uses, but I have no experience with it at all.