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Rite, as ive already seen, im one of many who had 2 do hangman in vb.net. however ours has to read from 2 delimited files (one for players, one for the words). the letters have to be selected from a list box, which has to be populated from an array. wen a letter is selected (correct or not), it is removed from the listbox.

algorithms taht have to be used:

Form Load
1. Read from players file into players array and display names in list box
2. Read from words file into words array
3. Populate letters list box

Name click
Store position of current player
Display current points for current player

Set points to 10
Clear guessword
Player selects a word (testword)
Set blanks (-) for guessword and Display
Display Points

Letter click
Get letter
Display used letter
Remove letter from letters available
For each character in testword
If letter = character
Replace blank in guessword with character
Display guessword
Match = true
End if
End for

If match
If guessword matches chosen word
Update player points
Display player points
Inform User
Reset interface
End if
Reduce points
Display points
If points = 0
Inform user
Reset interface
End if
End if

I missed a lot of this in lectures due to illness, n this assignment has to be in on tuesday. ive only bin using any form of vb since september, never done it b4 in my life. if i fail this assignment, i fail my entire year of uni. HELP PLZZZZZZ! thanx in advance

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