i am using an access odbc to connect my database to a crystal report , when i ma generating the report up to 10 times successivly the access con stop working , can i know why ?? and how i can make the odbc access more faster and can hold more data loads


and how i can make the odbc access more faster and can hold more data loads

Probably not much -- it gets slower as the database grows larger because there are more rows it has to process. It's not just MS Access database problem, all SQL datasbases work that way. One way to help speed it up would be to use a different database such as free MySQL or MS SQL, both are faster than MS Access. Another way is to use *nix instead of MS-Windows because *nix file system is faster.

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should i modify something in the advanced options of the odbc data source that help me make it more fatser ?, let me explain more my crystal report contains dynamic parameter value for filtering when i am generating my report and after several times the windows that popped up for the paramteres values show me an error that the access con failed , if i keep for 10 sec 15 secand press ok it will regenerate without error , so i relaize that my access con went slowly

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what version of windows? and what version of access? Is Access database on the same computer you are on? Have you tested your program on other computers?

I use both Windows 7 and 8 both have MS-Access 365 (the latest version of Access). Post your program and I'll test it on my computers.

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its a windows server 2008 r2 with access 2010 , and the database are localy on the server , and i already tested my program from another PC And i have the same problem . generating the samne report several times quickly i got this error please check the attached print screen

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