Hello Developers,
I Want to disable all computer Monitoring programs like TeamViewer when my winform application runs and enable it when my application runs.I want to prevent my application tracking so i need this.

Suppose i already connected with other user with Remote Desktop program for some work.so he/she can do all things on my system.now suppose after complete that work i forget to close remote program and i start my winform application then he can track my application.i want to prevent it.so i think to disable these type of programs on my application startup and enable on close.I hope u understand my requirement.
Thanks in Advance.

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You can try something like this

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Thanks for reply.I know it.But i don't know that user will use which program whether he can use TeamViewer or any other Remote Program.

You have control over what applications are running on your pc (teamviewer etc..) ? so you know they are running meaning that the number of applications you need to close on startup of your application is limited. So you can check your processes and determine if any of those applications are running and close them. And restart them by using this Click Here


YOU ARE RIGHT.BUT I WANT TO CLOSE ONLY THOSE PROGRAMS WHICH ARE REMOTE DESKTOP TYPE NOT OTHERS.and i also don't know that user will use which program because there may be multiple programs to use remote desktop.

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