I have two function in the same class. In the first function I return a value, and I need to use this value in another function. I am returning by value.

double Loan::monthlyPayment(double anAmount, double anInterestRate, int term){
    double payment = ((anAmount * anInterestRate ) * ((anInterestRate +1)/((anInterestRate +1)*exp(term)-1)));

    return payment;

I need to access the returned payment in this function:

The Loan class should have a makePayment(double amount) method that 
allows payments to the loan to be made. A payment is assumed to 
happen once a month. When a payment is made the balance is first 
increased by 1/12 of the interest rate and then the amount is 
subtracted from the balance. Modify the main program given to 
demonstrate that this method works properly.
double Loan::makePayment(double amount){
          // Get the amount to pay
     amount = monthlyPayment(???)+(1/12)(term);
     return amount;

Also, how do I access the returned value from this makePayment(amount) function in another class?

Thank you!

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Yes. If intrest and the term are class members then you can pass them to or use them directly in the monthly payment function.

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