Hi Friends

I Developed one application in visual basic 6.0
Now i want to convert it to another language.For this how can i change the windows message boxes and menu bars fonts programatically so that it will affect only the application.

Please give me guidance


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You simply can not.... not without changing the stardard font of windows. A msgbox is a modal window that uses the stardard windows system font. Period. I've tried everything known to man to change the font of a msgbox, and it boils down to having to recode. For the future, something that may save you a headache, would be to make a normal form, and do the formname.show vbmodal, and have a label and a button on it. Then, use this form as your msgbox whenever you need one. This would prevent this problem from happening in the future. I hate to say it though, but you can't change the font of the msgbox.