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Hi Dw

I've been so interested in to java because so far it makes almost my dreams come true with it flexibility of fitting almost every where or anywhere, so I'm having a thought here for mobile phones, I want to create a certain program or my sim card I want it to have the protected internet connection to my own ISP as I will be purchasing internet in bulks so I want to provide with this internet to the phone that will be using this sim card. Here is the tricky part, the internet that is provided to this sim card will only be used by only one program which will be a program installed in a mobile or cell phone (smart phones) if the user let say want to use internet her/she will then have to buy the data bundles as usual to load it to his/her account but this internet I will be providing to the sim card will not be loaded in to his/her account as it is not for him/her but it for a certain installed program so that a user can use this program so my main question here is that is it possible to do something like this? Ow I've forget to mention once the user has loaded his account with data bundles then he/she will be allocated the data from this internet that will be provided to the sim card but and he/she will also be able to use the installed program, the installed program will not look for the users balance either in airtime or bundles but will be permanently using this internet that will be provided to the sim card only even if the user has $0.00 balance but the program will work because it will be connected to this internet that I will be providing to the sim card.

Thank you.