guesschar = input("Guess: ")
        if(guesschar == Word):
        elif(len(guesschar) != 1):
            print("You can only guess one character at a time or the correct answer")
            Truth = False

If the user can guess infinitely, then an infinite loop (or infinite recursion) seems to be adequate.

What is the expected operation of the program?
The code seems to contain:

  • You have a one (?) character long Word
  • You ask the user to quess(guesschar).
  • If the quesschar equals to Word, you exit the program(?)
  • If the guesschar is not 1 charachter long, you ask for another guesschar.
  • If the guesschar is 1 charachter long and does not equeal to Word you exit a program

This does not seem to make sense at all....