Dear All,

I am trying to understand RMI Concept and have tried the sample steps and programs written in Oracle website

In this URL they have mentioned to run the command as below

javac -cp c:\home\jones\public_html\classes\compute.jar
    client\ client\
mkdir c:\home\jones\public_html\classes\client
cp client\Pi.class

I have tried the exact command in my computer only change is I have used different directories. The command is not working and throws error as below

C:\>javac -cp c:\compute.jar com\connect\server\ com\connect\server\ mkdir c:\home\jones\public_html\classes\client cp com\connect\server\Pi.class c:\home\jones\public_html\classes\client  
javac: invalid flag: c:\home\jones\public_html\classes\client  
Usage: javac <options> <source files>  
use -help for a list of possible options 

Please advise

which is ... clearly not the same. or you really messed up the formatting of what you tried.

I'm pretty sure that if that tutorial was wrong, someone would 've pointed it out already.

chances are you missed something in your configuration or tried to run two commands on one line instead of two.

Hi Stultuske,

As you said I tried the command in one line only. In that tutorial all commands were one line commands, All commands worked except this one.

If its a multiline command, could you please write the correct way of doing this command line by line. Thanks