Anybody familiar with AutoVue? Am using Desktop V20.2.2 embedded in a WinForm. Am looking if it's possible to set the background color. So far I haven't found any conclusive answer whether or not this is possible.

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I imagine this goes off and hits DirectX/OpenGL underneath. If the control itself doesn't have a property to set the background control it might be more of a "hack" than a correct way to do it.

That's why I was hoping someone had experience with this. I forgot to mention that an older version could set BgColor as a property, but it's not included in this one. I do have a setValue() method, but unsure if this can be used to set it. The manual appears to be stating that the property is not available, but it doesn't mention if there's a way to do it.

Does the property still exist as a private field?

Can't see. Not feeling like decompiling atm.

I would have thought this information would have been available in Object Explorer, perhaps not. Essentially, if the property is now private, you can use reflection to set a value into a private member.

use reflection

Worth a shot... tomorrow ;)

Not able to get reflection information. It's an AxHost and the only privates I get are the events.

Are you wanting to change the background colour of the control or the background of a window in the control?

background of a window in the control

It's what was possible in a previous version. I haven't been able to prove yet that it's no longer possible.

I'm pretty much at a loss now as I don't know the module in question. It might be possible to hook into the OpenGL draw events and override the clear colour, but do you really want to go that far?

Unless....I guess it could always just be a form background colour, in which case you can use P/Invoke to override the form's background colour (which is considerably easier)

do you really want to go that far?


I'll close it as not possible (not the way I'd like it). Thanks for your ideas.

Oracle has confirmed that setting the background colour programmatically has been removed from this version of the software.

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