i have a simple note and images storing java program that stores data into the server..i'm confused about what to use for building the server..should the server be built using sockets?? or which listens for http requests (the client sends json data)?? could anyone please tell me which one would be better?? how would you make this type of server?

thank you/

Just make a server with ServerSocket listening in on a port specified by you. and the client will connect to this server socket and send some data through the socket.

Http server is also just like any other server but it listens on port 80 and only accepts Get and post requests. Doing bring a LOT more overhead and you would be better off using third party software Jetty or Tomcat for java based HTTP server.

That's right.
You can build a simple web server in Java SE quite easily - just a page or two of code, but if you want anything more sophisticated you need to go to Java EE (servlets / JSP) or a third-party environment.

thank you for your replies..so jsp or socket??

You have the info, now that's for you to decide. Nobody else can decide that for you.

thank you..i think jsp would be better since session handling would be a lot easier with it..i'll go with it