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I am not asking you to write a calculator for me ,
I am asking , what must I learn to be able to write this program or these kinds of programs ?
I have some experience programming console applications using C++ , but I have absolutely no idea what .NET is , and how I can write modern applications using C++ , and how I can write GUI applications using C++ .

any help would be extremely appreciated .

To write a GUI using pure c++ is pretty difficult. Here is an into tutorial, and it only scratches the surface.

Writing Windows GUI programs is a lot simpler with other languages, such as CLR/C++, C# or VB.NET.

Here is a pretty good overview of .NET, and if you google for "what is .NET" you will find lots of other articles. In 10 words or less, .NET is a replacement for win32 api.

Here is a you tube tutorial for a very simple calculator, using Visual C++.

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Ancient Dragon , Do you recommend me to read MSDN ?
Or I should just buy any book that I like related to these and start reading books ?

I ask this because programmers around me (specially my friends) learned most of their programming knowledge on Internet , and whenever I ask them about this , they tell me not to read any books , and that reading books is totally a waste of time .

Do you recommend me to read MSDN ?

Yes, it's the official source for MS-Windows GUI. Also look for tutorials and examples. Microsoft has lots of example programs. And you will find lots of examples at, which is probably the largest repository of free Windws example code that you will find on the internet.

learned most of their programming knowledge on Internet

That may be ok, for a hobbyist. Some people learn better and faster by reading books. If you have lots of time on your hands and don't mind spending hours and hours searching for answers that are easily found in a book, then do it.

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