**hello folks,
i am new programmer,,,i have studied C# , Asp.net , Ado.net,SQL , Sharepoint Adminstration and development!
but i am still junior..i mean i still ddnt get a job!!
sumtimes i feel that its hard to go on programming..like i do always study but always forget..i feel sumties like stupid !!
is that ok or what? **

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Quite OK! It'll even get worse over the years! Mark my words! :D
Don't believe that, let's say a great mathematician knows ALL the math formulas. But if he needs them, he will be able to find them.

Thanks for ur reply..do u think that it will be good if i tried to make some tasks with my self? do u recommend me any site or books for that? :)

Keep learning and practicing and stay on the lookout for job opportunities. Remember that jobs never pick you, YOU have to set the first step.

@Wael1988 by the looks of what you have studied you've know quite a few languages. I only know C#, Sql and a bit of VBA. I've worked with reporting services too but that's about it.

Experience with SharePoint is/was quite sort after when I was looking for a job 2 years ago but it's best to focus on two or three specific languages, such as C# and SQL, and use those as you're main selling points. This way you have the front end language with the C# and back end language with the SQL.

As you have suggested yourself the best way forward is to get as much development under your belt as possible. I'm in the same position as you I always forget what I've been studying.

Keep going, it's not easy but the more you do the easier it will get!

Good luck.

i do always study but always forget..i feel sumties like stupid !!

You remember what you use often, and references are there for what you don't use often. Don't feel bad, there isn't a programmer in the world who can remember everything, and it gets harder to remember as you learn more.

There's so much that I learned and have forgotten from when I used to do Games Programming, simply because I haven't done it for a long time. It's a bit like any other skill, unless you practice and keep practicing you soon forget. But, by the same fact, it's easier to remember again if you went back to it. :)

Guys , you don't know how much i am greatful and happy that u did answer me with u advices while it was the 1st post for me on the forum that i'm screaming for a help :D
Thank you alot all .. i think i am going to fall in love with this site :D

Don't overdo it man, just marking this thread as solved is sufficient for the moment. You are welcome to post any questions in the future. :o)

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