hi i need a script for "searching some domain name(www.google.co.in) in text file and compare it with data in second text file, if the domain name is not there in second text file and write that domain name in to the third text file

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You can write one, and in case of difficulties you can not overcome, you might ask question here in DaniWeb.

i was strucked at "how to search domain name in notepad"
could you please help me
from past 2 days only am learning python

OK, there does seem to be some confusion here, and we may be able to guide you somewhat.

First off, the assignment doesn't actually involve Notepad, or any other text editor for that matter, except perhaps for when you first create the file to be searched through. A text file isn't strictly something in Notepad; rather, it is a generic file format, with data stored as ASCII (or possibly UTF-8) text, and can be accessed from several different programs - including the one you'll be writing.

Now, you say you've only been studying Python for two days; if that is so, it seems odd to have a project involving file handling so soon. Is this for a course, or self-study, or something you are doing for a job? What have you learned so far? Are you working jsut from the Python interpreter prompt, or writing programs separate from it? If the latter, what editor or IDE are you using (e.g., IDLE, Dr Python, Eric, PyCharm, PyPe)? How are you running your programs? What version of Python (2.x or 3.x) are you using?

Have you learned how to write a for: loop? A while: loop? Do you know how to define a function? Do you know how to read from and write to a file? Do you know any of the basic string handling methods (.join(), split, etc.)? Do you know how to compare two strings?

These are all things which are going to come up in you project, and we will need to have some idea of what you do and do not know about them in order to help you.

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