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so i "finished" my irc bot in python. by finished i mean it only connects to irc.quakenet.org #cplusplus (you can see it if you connect. its called DTSCode-Bot). however, the point of my class isnt just to create a bot. i also want to create a client. so i cant see a way to continue to recv() data without having to pause for data. so for the first time ever, i turn to threads, which brings me to my questions.
a) how plausible is it to do this: have one thread continuosly recv()ing data and writes it to the window (in this case the terminal. ill make a gui later) and then another continuously waiting for input which then send()s it to the server

b) how good it the python multi-threaded library?
c) is it safe to share a socket with two threads?
d) where is the best place to learn about multi-threading in python for complete beginners?

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