Hi, I want to put urdu language text in a software to be searched. How can i do that? Software is like a lot of text and people can search through it to find specific sections or parts. And for those who don't know urdu, it is written like arabic.

Is this a console program or a GUI program? Windows or Linux?

For Windows, it is all UTF-16. Thus you'll need to convert from UTF-8 to UTF-16 unless you are already using UTF-16.

If it is WINAPI, you'll need to use only the Unicode functions such as: DrawTextW, SetWindowTextW, TextOutW, etc.. These use UTF-16.

If it is a console program, then you need to decide a format; UTF-8 or UTF-16. You'll then need to do conversions manually or use a library to handle them for you.

You can write to the console using std::wcout or WriteConsoleW.