I am 11 years old and I love programming, I know: PHP (A little) , JavaScript , HTML , C , C++ and Java (Just started learning). I really wanna learn Objctive-C but I couldn't find good free tutorials. Can anyone please recommend me a Objective-C tutorial? Thank You!

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"Best" doesn't exist.
But I would find this a good starting point.

Speaking of Cocoa, it's you providing with API for system to use. Well, your implementation of system objects (NSView, NSApplicationDelegate, etc.), so that the SYSTEM, can DO THINGS on YOUR WILL.

That's just my advice.
I myself think that drawing things on the screen is the most difficult part, so I suggest that you may take CoreGraphic as start point.
The UI, the buttons the 'widgets' (GTK users might call it), are easy. (I think)

Try Cocoa Dev Central or Lynda.

Google's swarming with amazing resources however the key is practice practice and practice.

I love programming in PHP.

Good luck developing that cool native iOS that you will send for a coupla million before you reach 15 ;)

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