So here's the thing and it's been quite simple up to here. I have never been required to do something like this and most tutorials are vague at best.

I have a Stackpanel with numerous children.
Each child then has a label and an image.

These were all dynamically created from a Dictionary.

I created an OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave for the Image. The problem i have now is when i enter the Image i want to alter the DropShadowEffect it already has assigned to it.

So for instance if the user were move over an image the DropShadowEffect will Enlarge and vice versa. I have no idea how to reference the Image from the Event i created for it.

Any help would be appreciated.


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A properly defined event has a sender object as the first parameter. The sender object would be the image that is sending the OnMouse events. Just cast it from object to whatever it really is.

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