I have gui with layered pane and four buttons two buttons are above the layered pane and the two buttons are at the left side of the layered pane.the user can controll the size of the GUI but the proplem is that the buttons size doesn't change
I want to do something like this but not the same layout (cells layout ) I added my component using add and drope

My extra-sensory-perception allows me to study your code, even if you haven't posted it, but unfortunately it doesn't work if there is an "a" in the month, so you're just going to have to post the relevant code in the old-fashioned way. :)

I haven't start my code yet I've just drag and drop my to to the JFrame and I'm having trouble when the user change the size of GUI

This is exactly why most people here recommend writing code yourself until you understand what's going on. Then and only then can you take advantage of a full IDE. If you don't know what code your GUI builder is generating, then how can you or anybody else know why it's not working the way you want.