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I am trying to combine cells depending on the contents of other cells. If Column A has an "X", I want to combine all cells below it, values seperated with a space, until the next line where an "X" appears. There is also data in Column C, which I don't want to be deleted as a result of the above named merge, but preserved in the row which its original associated data was merged. See below for the example of before and after.


    A   B         C
    x   1 cat   
        2 dogs    Title A 
        3 monkeys   
        4 kitten  
    x   5 apes    Title B
        6 buckets   
        7 mops  


    A   B                               C
    x   1 cat 2 dogs 3 monkeys 4 kitten Title A
    x   5 apes 6 buckets 7 mops         Title B
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