I have a problem with creating UML diagrams. This is the first time.

Here is the question below:

And here is my answer:

Please check if there is anything wrong.

That's a good start on the Use-Case diagram. It still isn't complete. For example, in item #3, "Passenger seeks information on fare, train timings, and availability of tickets.", you only have one use-case, that of availability. So, go back through all of the points and make sure you cover all contingencies.


I've updated the "Enquiry" sub-system. Please check if it is right or not.

Better! I might change "Informs Availability" to "Answers Query", though that is a nit-pick... :-)

So, just do a review to be sure that you have covered all the points in your use-cases. I'm sure you'll do ok, but you never know. Professors often have their own pre-conceptions how it should be, and look for you to provide a reasonable reflection of that. So, also think about how the professor presented the material in class as well, but don't try to be too much in agreement either. A bit of independent thinking is a good thing.

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