I already wrote code in ILOG CPLEX (CP) environment and now I want to write it in JAVA, Eclipse.
Can you help me

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I need to help me to write the code in java with CP library. If anybody can help me i can send the code which i wrote it in CPLEX.


What API's does Ilog provide for Java? I haven't done anything with Ilog since the 1990's. I still have the documentation though. :-)


CPLEX, CP optimizer, at the moment my problem is i defined the path but i don't know why eclipse can't recognize the path, even i have fixed the argumen of Run config. i have these errors:

Native code library failed to load: ensure the appropriate library (opl125.dll/.so) is in your path.
no opl125 in java.library.path
no opl_lang_wrap_cpp in java.library.path
no opl_core_wrap_cpp_java125 in java.library.path
no opl_core_wrap_cpp in java.library.path
D:\soft\Cplex64\cpoptimizer\bin\x64_win64\cp_wrap_cpp_java125.dll: Can't find dependent libraries
no cp_wrap_cpp in java.library.path
no concert_wrap_cpp_java125 in java.library.path
no concert_wrap_cpp in java.library.path
It might also be related to missing vsrdist runtime DLLs.
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

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