My eclipse id is taking too long time to open (at least 15 minutes)
I tryed all the options in google search but the problem remains the same

kindly give me tips to fix the problem

thanks for your time

we know nothing of your system, nor your configuration...
how do you expect us to magically fix the problem?

get a faster computer.

Howmuch memory does your PC have? How much is free before you start Eclipse?

Eclipse kepler 32 bit version, windows 7 32 bit, jdk and jre 1.7, 2GB Ram Intel Pentium Dual- Core

Windows 7 on a pc with 2 GB ram, and you are wondering why it is slow?

Yes, looks like not enough memory. Try stopping and closing everything that's not essential for Eclipse and see if it's a bit faster. But really you need a bigger PC to run eclipse well under windows

Get a new computer. If you have a desktop computer, upgrade your CPU or your RAM.

What version of eclipse do you have. It may need to be updated, or update Java

C-Money: what use will that be?
the (absolute) minimal requirements of Windows 7 take half of his RAM already.
if you would go and test, you will see that Windows 7 uses more, even if you haven't got any additional applications open.

running an IDE (and most likely a server besides that) and your own applications, do take up resources. if you are low on them, it's just normal it 'll be slower.

do take in mind: this is assuming he's not running any vital software which he may not be able/allowed to shut down, a virus scan, for instance, or a firewall.

adding RAM to the mix is a good choice here. optimization can help but it'll need help.

over here, I work on a Windows 7 machine, with 8 GB ram, and I'm often annoyed by long loading times. (naturally, needing to have several 'heavy' applications open at the same time doesn't really help much there)

yes, and Eclipse isn't known for being friendly to your memory OR your CPU.
If he's running a machine with 32bit Win7 and only 2GB RAM, his CPU will also be very, very marginal (and that's putting it mildly).
Most likely it's a Core2Duo, and an older moderl. Such machines are designed to run XP or at best Vista, not Win7. It's specs that were decent but not stellar 10 years ago.

think I still have one of those, in an old machine I've never gotten around to dismantling and and destructing :)

Can I suggest a little sensitivity on this topic? We know nothing of the OP's circumstances, and we do not want to cause offense or upset.

true, but unfortunately, the circumstances don't alter the facts.
if he's limited to that system, perhaps a more lightweight IDE 'll suffice for his purposes.

Just to add to the discussion, I believe it is possible to speed up your pc using a USB and ReadyBoost. I have very little knowledge about this however so it may not be possible. Have a go though, right click on your USB in 'My Computer' and select Properties. Go to the ReadyBoost tab and follow the instructions and see if this helps at all.

If not then you will need to try something else I'm afraid.

depending on the size of the usb stick it might indeed add to the swap memory, if I'm not mistaken, but whether it'll make "thé" difference..

Hello friends its solved after unstalling quick heal anti virus
thanks for your response

have a good day