I need to get printed documents name and from which ip it is printed using java.

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you need to get 'printed documents name' ...
you plan to wave a printed sheet in front of your monitor, expecting the name will be magically ready by your pc?

... but seriously, can you explain in more detail what you need? The brief sentence you posted didn't seems to make any sense.

I think what the OP is asking for is how to log printed documents and the IP addresses of the originating computers... but I am not sure.

What that has to do with Java isn't very clear, even if I am right.

yes Schol-R-LEA is correct.I need log the printed documents and the ip address using java.

are you printing through a Java application?
are you writing software for a printer?
.. ?

stultuske , ya am writting software for printer...

sankubha: I think what stultuske means is, is this going to be embedded software inside the printer (i.e., you are writing it for the manufacturer of the printer), or is this an application running on the printer's host? In other words, where is the program running, and how is it going to monitor the printer?

Schol-R-LEA : It is an application going to run on printer hosts.

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