hi all, i need lil help to do this program

Students number = 10
Students name= Ahmed, Ismail, Mohammed, Esra, Ali, Omar, Abulla, Khalid, Talal, Sara

Develop a program in Java to accept the number of students in a section for a subject and for each

student accept the Student name and final grade.

Print all the details of all the students and also the count of number of students who fall in each of the

category(Extra Ordinary, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Average, Failed).

If (Final Grade<=100 and >90) print Extra Ordinary otherwise

If (Final Grade<=90 and >80) print Excellent otherwise

If (FinalGrade<=80 and >70) print Very Good otherwise

If (FinalGrade<=70 and >60) print Good otherwise

If (FinalGrade<=60 and >=50) print Average otherwise

Print failed.

At the end Print the total number of students in each category

like No. of students who are extraordinary are :……..

No. of students who are Excellent are:…… etc.

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Did you write some code by yourself?

Try using a Class -> "Student" with getters and setters for your details
If you filled in all information just print each student object with your filtered category system.

like this:

List<Student> studentList = new ArrayList<Student>();

for(Student student : studentList){
    if(student.getGrade ... 90){
        .. Extra Ordinary
    }else if(...){

You can change the foreach loop into a for loop to get the students number easier (i+1) etc...

i didnt understand i am new in this program

the code is not dependent on the IDE you use.
if you don't know how to write code, uninstall your IDE, make sure you have the jdk, and use notepad++ and the command prompt, if only to learn the basics of compiling/running code.

so far you have just copy pasted your assignment. that doesn't really encourage us to spend our time (helping you) doing your work.

ok thank you for your nice reply