My IDE codeblocks 10.05 cant run a program which is overloading functions. Any help please..maybe due to settings

C doesn't allow overloaded functions. Are certain you don't mean C++?

But ...

C doesn't allow overloaded functions.

c doesnot support fucntion overloading.. use .cpp extension.

AS everyone ssaid here c does doesnot allow function overloading,only c++ which uses the concept of oops that is object oriented programming language has the special feature called function overloading.Better try your program with c++ saving it with a .cpp extension.

Interesting that a poster with the handle which is the name of one of the inventors of the C programming language does not know the basics of the language. Talk about hubris! @dennis.ritchie - please change your handle. I find it offensive! I knew Dennis back in the 1980's. You are NOT him - have some respect! FWIW, he passed away about 2 1/2 years ago. :-(

But ... what if the OP is using his real name ... and is just beginning coding ?

Then go to court and have his name changed, his parents weren't funny giving him that name.