Hello everybody. After 3 hours of constant searching, I have finally given up on finding a program that recovers a password protected word document. So, I coded my own program that goes through every single letter combination of any desired length. Now, all I need to do is have the program talk to my protected document. How can this be done?

How long do you think this will take? FWIW, there are functions that will let you inject characters into the keyboard buffer so that they can be read by a program just like you had typed them in yourself. I haven't done this in a monkey's age (about 20 years probably), and I don't know what the appropriate Windows C/C++ functions would be to do that. The main thing is that a brute-force attack like this may take longer than the heat-death of the universe - certainly longer than you can expect to live!

rubberman, thank you for replying. My code will run through a 5 character password in just under 9 seconds. After doing the math, a 9 character password would take over a month XD. My uncle, however, has a few 16 core computers he uses for work and I bet he'll let me use them. My computer only has 2 cores. That, and the CPU is old and quite slow. So idk how long it will take. And if that fails, I can always GPU accelerate my code and run it on the Nvidia Test Drive (I'm speaking like it's nothing, of course). But anyway, if you could give me a little more info on injecting characters into the keyboard buffer, that would be great.

PS: This code can also be in C#.

After doing some research, I take back what I said about the code having the ability to be written in C#. And, I have found a solution to GPU accelerating my code. If I really want to commit to it and if I find an answer to what this thread was started for, I might give it a shot.