Ok, I hope this is the right place for his kind of disccusion. I assume that this kind of question is rather apsurd but I may get killed for this. I have had expirience with both java and c++ but non in field of system programming. I am finishing my highschool and I have been given this as my final papper. So if you could be kind and direct me, give me some links where I can find answers for my papper I would be very thankful.

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what do you mean "system programming"?

OS dev, drivers, and all that low level stuff

For OS internals, drivers etc C++ definitely.
Java is for applications - it deliberately isolates you from all the low-level OS stuff.

hmm, even C++ may be too high level for that. C and ASM are where it's at.

C++ is better for system programming. Java is better than c++ for internet programming. so, I advice you to go for c++ (if you want to do system programming).

I do not want to do system programming. I just need to know why is c++ better for it, can java be used to write os or drivers?

Can Java be used for systems programming? Yes. Is it the best choice? That somewhat depends on the system, but I'd lean toward it not being the best choice.

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