hey friend i got a project for bank account which consists fo two child class(saving and current account) i had completed with saving account but in current account i need to have a method type which help me for exrtract money(credit which bank gives us )
example:- if i have 10000RS in my bank acc and i want withdraw 20000RS so it will cut from my current acc(bank will give me credit) and when i deposit some amount it will first clear my credit then will go to my acconunt

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and your actual question is?
this forum is not to help you cheat your way through school, but to help you improve your analytical and/or coding skills.

just post what you have so far. if that is nothing, first start on it yourself, don't just post your assignment here. post when you get stuck, with specific questions, the relevant code and/or error/exception messages you get, or any unexpected behaviour in the flow of the application.


hey bro as i have already said that i had completed my after work just wanted to know about current saving but its fine i got it anyay thanks for reply@stultuske

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